Time Marches On…..

This Saturday evening, or Sunday morning, clocks, watches and alarms should all be adjusted as we jump forward one hour for the strangely titled “Daylight Saving”!

When I was a child we just altered the clock in the hallway, and ones own watch, easy! Sadly now there are so many things to check, some automatically change, others such as cookers and microwaves, alarm clock radios still hanging on from college days of the 1990’s which some say are well past their sell by date, need manual adjustment.

I have had a clock for some time on my one day list, which I shall start to restore as I understand a new business is starting where it was made, and here it is, the photograph of the dial taken a while ago, but wouldn’t it be nice if it went home like my last clock, recently sold to a client in Winchcombe!

Here it is, the infamous “Giles Coates” of Chedworth, who was, if my memory serves me correctly, sent away to Tasmania after being charged for poaching. I can’t remember whether this clock was made by that Giles, or his father, but I shall enjoy sorting it all and rebuilding a somewhat sad looking oak case to it’s former glory, and to listen to the tick and the chime over lunch one day!

Please do shout if you would like more information about this clock, or the monthly antiques and collectors fairs in Lechlade on Thames, Gloucestershire!

Thanks, Andy

Giles Coates, Chedworth

Unrestored movement dial from what will be this year, a lovely restored clock!

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Organiser of Bibury Antiques Fair. www.biburyantiquesfair.com Furniture restorer, cabinetmaker, and hobby beekeeper. Can be seen at Bibury Antiques Fair, 1st Sunday monthly March to November 2017. Call 07977 936 882 or email biburyantiquesfair@gmail.com for details also on Twitter @AndyAntiques and @BiburyAntiques Thanks, Andy
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2 Responses to Time Marches On…..

  1. Andy Lockyer says:

    Andy, Hello, I have just found your web page. I am related to the Coates family in Chedworth / Cirencester and am really keen to find out if you got the clock restored what a fantastic thing to have. I believe these longcase clocks were made by Giles Coates senior. Loking forward to hearing more from you. cheers Andy Lockyer


    • Hello Andy. Yes, I still have it, on my one day list! I have been busy getting larger projects done to release more space, and I like clocks anyway. Infact four came in recently, from Staffordshire, Somerset, Gloucestershire and Essex. I have sometimes managed to get them back to their place of origin, the last one being made in Winchcombe almost 280 years before I sold it!
      Where do you live?


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