Time Rolls Onwards!

Hello again Folks!

Time is moving forward to our first fair for some time, we shall be on show at The Trout Inn, Lechlade on Thames, on September 4th.

Stalls are available, and I hope to be able to put on a good show for us all to enjoy. Visitors are very welcome, via any of the ways to get to us, road, footpath or boat! There’s an option I haven’t been able to offer before!

Here is a photograph of a clock which I have on my stock list, an interesting mix of German “Black Forest” movement and Irish Case-making. Haiz & Isele were from Germany, and had premises in a Dublin street in 1862, so I am hoping to find out a bit more about them.

Hope to see you soon. Regards, Andy


About Bibury Antiques Fair

Organiser of Bibury Antiques Fair. www.biburyantiquesfair.com Furniture restorer, cabinetmaker, and hobby beekeeper. Can be seen at Bibury Antiques Fair, 1st Sunday monthly March to November 2018. Call 07977 936 882 or email biburyantiquesfair@gmail.com for details also on Twitter @AndyAntiques and @BiburyAntiques When not doing fairs I am usually restoring furniture for clients, enquiries can be made by emailing echoantiquesrestoration@gmail.com or calling my mobile, 07977 936 882. Thanks, Andy
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6 Responses to Time Rolls Onwards!

  1. Michael Moynihan says:

    Hi did you find out about the Haiz & Isele clock. I have one and am trying to find out some info about them. Not a lot that I cans find out.


    • Hello Michael.
      Thanks for your interest, yes nice clock, good veneers on the case, and fab colour, oddly enough I was working on it today, just a few little improvements to patches and cleaning the inside of the lock from an excess of dust, it did work but a little erratic, now much better and awaiting to be refitted.
      Haven’t had time to do too much research on the maker, except I did find that they were German migrants to Ireland, and had a shop in Dublin in 1863, can’t remember which street, but will no doubt look for more info as the clock is for sale, sometimes it helps to know, sometimes it’s just about timber, colour and patination, and this clock is pretty good on those! I will eventually photograph the movement, as being a wooden one, has some lovely stamps, no doubt individual to the maker, now there is a challenge!

      Shout if you find anything, and likewise I will too. Where are you? If nearby, why not pop over and have a look to compare? I would like to see a phot of yours, it is similar style case and movement?
      Regards, Andy


      • Michael Moynihan says:

        Hi Andy. Thanks for your reply. Im in Dublin. I discovered that the clock is not Haiz & Iselle but a E.N Welch 8 day clock from America. Seems to be circa 1850’s to 90’s I think. It had a sticker that had the Haiz & Isele name and address on it. Maybe they repaired it at some stage. The sticker read
        Haiz & Isele
        Watch & Clock Makers
        32 Grafton Street, Dublin
        Clocks, Watches, Musical Boxes, Jewellry, & c.
        Repaired. Clocks wound by the year, per agreement.
        Even though the clock is in rag order it still works. I don’t know how load a photo up here but here is a link to an image of it. It’s rosewood veneered. My one is in much worse condition on the outside


  2. Hello Michael! You spurred me into finishing my little clock! Bought it as being a beekeeper, couldn’t resist, guess you’ll see why when I work out how to add a picture to this bit! May have to be a separate post. Regards, Andy


    • Michael Moynihan says:

      Hi Andy. Good to hear about the progress on your clock. Did you say that the mechanism is wooden ? Interesting. If you want to find out more about Haiz & Esele you could try contacting a guy called Kevin Chellar who has an amazing clock shop in Dublin called Timepiece . He repairs an sells them.
      His website is http://www.timepiece.ie
      Or kevin@timepiece.ie
      Just saw a lovely old clock for sale today. It’s made by a german clock maker called Kliene and has a very sweet sounding Westminster chime to it. I might be tempted !
      All the best now. Michael.


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