A Slow Skep from Lechlade to Bibury!


A couple of years ago I bought a small wooden clock at The Lechalde Antiques Fair. Needed fixing and sorting a little, but as a hobby beekeeper I couldn’t resist it!

Now I have mended it and it sits in the kitchen window as I try to get it to keep time, and the dial needs improving!

Here it is…….

Did you know that Lechlade Antiques Fair has moved to Bibury!

Please look at http://www.biburyantiquesfair.com

Thanks for looking, and hope to see you soon!  Andy.


About Bibury Antiques Fair

Organiser of Bibury Antiques Fair. www.biburyantiquesfair.com Furniture restorer, cabinetmaker, and hobby beekeeper. Can be seen at Bibury Antiques Fair, 1st Sunday monthly March to November 2018. Call 07977 936 882 or email biburyantiquesfair@gmail.com for details also on Twitter @AndyAntiques and @BiburyAntiques When not doing fairs I am usually restoring furniture for clients, enquiries can be made by emailing echoantiquesrestoration@gmail.com or calling my mobile, 07977 936 882. Thanks, Andy
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2 Responses to A Slow Skep from Lechlade to Bibury!

  1. Anne Marie Symonds says:

    Hi Andy,

    Is that an American origin clock? I had one years ago and sold to an American who was a client to my shop in Cirencester? I know of another one in Ilfracombe needing a lot of TLC!

    Anne. x


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