Mahogany Pembroke Table (Sold)

Here I am offering a table of lovely colour, and suitable for everyday use as a table to write on, or more probably these days, use ones laptop on. Perhaps to sit and have a light lunch or supper, without the formality of a “proper” table. Pembrokes I have used over the years for many uses, and actually I find often grace a room, not always in an elegant way, as so easily do they blend into the way a room works, that before too long car keys get muddled in with the drawer with loose change, heatproof woodburner gloves, and welly socks, well, they did once!

The last Pembroke I sold was  a few years ago, and yet had a similar colour and quality of timber, this however is a fraction of the cost of the other, yet again representing how values have changed, and so this table is being offered at a price close to what some would charge to just repolish the top.

No reasonable offer refused, as I would like it to go to a good home, to be enjoyed, used and cared for.

Sizes when closed 18 1/2″ wide by 30″ deep, when open, 34 1/2″ wide, by 30″ deep, standing at 27 1/2″ tall.

Regards, Andy

Pembroke or "Supper" Table

Great Colour Mahogany Pembroke Table. Ready to be used and enjoyed.


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